When you have successfully setup the piggy bank and connected it to a child and to WiFi you are all set to start the journey of teaching your child the value of money. Remember that your piggy needs to be fully charged the first time you use it - it takes about 2 hours for it to fully charge.
Understand your piggy's interactions by reading this article about lighting here

You can start with creating tasks with and for your child. Together you can create a wish for your child to save up for. No wish is too big or too small, as long as it helps your child understand the importance of saving and money's worth.
If you need some tips for how to initiate a conversation about money, you can find inspiration in our blog post about it here

Turn on/off
Press the left button until a full ring of light appears to turn ERNIT piggy bank

Check goal status
Click the right button to see how close you are to reaching your goal

Claim the money

ERNIT's snout lights up when it has received money. Press the two buttons simultaneously to claim the money. 

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