Constant light on top of the snout

(indsæt billede af rigtig lysende gris)
Red light:
Connection to WiFi failed
Pink light: Connection to ERNIT server failed
Blue light: Connecting to WiFi
Yellow light: WiFi out of range
White blinking light: Downloading new update. It's important that you don't disconnect anything during the downloading process. 

Blinking light in the bottom of the snout

Red, Yellow or Green light: Battery level indicator

-What should I do when my piggy is downloading (something from the server)?
Nothing. You just sit back and relax while your piggy is being upgraded to the newest version. We are always optimizing and making sure you get the best experience. And that means, that the piggy has to take a small mindfullness session. When it's finished downloading, the piggy will reset itself, and is ready for action. In the mean time you can look forward to an improved version of your pig - make it even comes back with new, cool audios.
Oh, and it only takes around 20 mins, depending on the speed of your WiFi.

- What does it mean when the red LED at bottom of the snout is blinking?  

If the bottom of the snout is blinking red it means that your piggy needs some fuel = charging.  
As soon as you plug it to the charger, it will light a constant red light. The lights will indicate the battery level in the same colors as the light signal in traffic, switching from a red to yellow and finally green when it's fully charged.
It should take a couple of hours for it to be back to full power and speed. 

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