As you will find out when trying it, ERNIT is more than just a regular piggy bank. It has a lot of features that help you as a parent to talk about money with your child. But the most central feature in ERNIT is of course being a piggy bank - although in a slightly new form!

  1. First, your child creates one or more wishes using the ERNIT app. The wishes can be anything large or small: a teddy bear, a bicycle, a gift for grandma or even a donation for charity.
  2. Once the wish is created, your child’s loved ones can begin contributing to ERNIT by quickly and easily transferring money directly into the system. Both the app and the piggy bank alert your child when a contribution has been made to the savings account.
  3. When your child claims the transferred funds, the app responds, and the piggy bank lights up and makes a happy sound in celebration of each step closer to making the wish come true.
  4. The string of lights around ERNIT’s snout is a regular reminder of progress – and a conversation starter. The lights go from 0 to 100 percent, and when the snout is all lit up the wish has been reached.

This all adds up to a better learning experience for your child who gets an idea of how digital money works. This way, ERNIT helps you start the conversation about value, patience and wishes.

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